In Collaboration with FocusFive Designs we have created our Recycled Character Oak Coasters - showcasing our very own animal designs!!


Made from the offcuts of the amazing furniture pieces made by FocusFive Designs, instead of going to waste, we have found them a new purpose in life!


  • Sold individiually or as Set of Four
  • 102mm x 102mm
  • 100% Recycled Character Oak
  • Natural Hard Wax Oil Finish
  • Copper Circular Disc Stamped with Animal Design


Whichever animal you choose - 10% goes to the relevent charity! If you choose the bundle pack (one of each animal) the proceeds get split between all four charities!


- Gorilla - Gearing up for Gorillas

- Sloth - Kids Saving the Rainforest

- Elephant - Game Rangers International

- Lion - Safina Lion Conservation Fund

Recycled Character Oak Coasters

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