Welcome to the Herd ! 🐘

Welcome to our first blog post at Wild In Time! With it being our first post, what better way to start than to introduce ourselves?

I graduated from The University of Chester in 2019, with a First Class Degree in Biology and Animal Behaviour. I LOVED every minute of my degree (although the tears shed throughout my dissertation would say otherwise...) but it was hard to see the research, facts and figures regarding the decline of the amazing species we share our planet with (and the planet itself!)

I have always been creative - taking a scientific degree kind of counteracted that - so I always wanted to bring the two together in some way.

I had seen a couple of larger companies donating a percentage of their profits to charity and always loved the concept. It stuck in the back of my brain and I kept coming back to the idea as something I would maybe venture into - the only problem was, I had no idea what was going to make the profit...

Whilst on a Microsoft Teams call (is there anything more 2020?), I did some doodling and came up with a rough version of my gorilla design. The concept was there, so I

transferred it to other animals - and boom I had taken the first step!

I wanted these animal designs to be the faces of their range and develop products to fit each range, whilst also fitting the sustainable and eco-friendly ethos of the brand. The first product I focussed on was clothing! I found a local embroidery business and got my designs embroidered for the first time!!

After I saw the designs on ACTUAL REAL LIFE THINGS, I got the drive to try a few more bits - I mean why stop there? Candles, Accessory Bags, Coasters, Prints (Jewellery 👀...coming very soon) - I hope there will be something for everyone! ✨

So there's a quick overview of how I got to this step. I have so many ideas - I don't really know where to start... but I hope you like it! I know I won't change the world, but I like the idea that I'm doing a little bit in the way of helping conserving some amazing species!

Speak Soon X

Wild In Time