Tropical Leaves


1. Aim: To Make A Small Step In The Right Direction.

We would love to see a flourishing, diverse, natural world again.

We share this planet right? - and we all know how to share don't we? So let's start taking care of our planet and the others we share it with.

We know we can't change the world single handedly and make all creatures great and small flourish again - however a step in the right direction is always the best way to go !


10% of the profits from each sale goes directly towards conservation efforts

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free


100% Recyclable Packaging


Your donation goes towards helping your favourite animal

Paperless Reciepts

Paperless Receipts

2. Method: Donations and Sustainable Options.

To make a positive change, with every purchase made,10% of profits go towards a relevant charity.

We also wanted to reduce the amount of waste and lower our carbon footprint. So all of our products are made as sustainably as possible, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and where possible we try and use recycled materials!

We are a small business and are full of big ideas, we are taking each step at a time and constantly looking how we can improve our sustainability!

Every single one of you purchasing a product has a huge impact on making the change we strive for - so it's a team effort, I think we all deserve to pat ourselves on the back.

Sustainable Materials

 Sustainable Materials where possible

3. Conclusion: Pending.

This part, well this part is still being written... but we hope it's a future full of biodiversity and a much greener, healthier planet.

Tropical Leaves