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Hi, I'm Ellie - I have spent my entire life loving all animals big and small. From being a member of Chester Zoo from a very young age, to completing my BSC in Animal Behaviour and Biology - I just can't get enough.

Alongside the majority of people, it saddens me to see the effect we are having on the planet and the detrimental impact it's having to the species we share the earth with - I rack my brain constantly trying to think of how I can do my bit to lower my carbon footprint.

I have never really been sure how to put my passion into good use. So I decided to put my creativity skills to the test and (with a little bit of help) came up with Wild In Time...

“Are we happy that our grandchildren may never see an elephant except in a picture book?”

- Sir David Attenborough

Creating products we all love - but that give back !

Our Designs

Our Idea

Our Designs Are Split Into Two Halves

By Using Our Designs We Hope To Make A Difference


Geometric Drawing

Wild In Time Design Concept

But by using them as the faces of our products, by turning them into drawings ...

We can do our part in keeping them in the wild for many more years to come!

Our aim is to help keep these animals REAL...

And not just a drawing or a photo...

We want to preserve these animals for generations to come - and keep the wild, wild. Otherwise drawings and photographs will be the only way to see these amazing creatures.

To do this we are donating 10% of the profits from every sale of our products to the charities working directly to save these animals!

And the best bit - YOU get to choose your favourite species and where your 10% goes !

I know it is just a little effort, but we hope it goes a long way in keeping these species in the wild for years to come. 

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Forest Trees